Chantal Platt


Chantal Platt



I’ve worked in financial services since 2013, moving into the sector after previously working as a primary school teacher.

My day-to-day duties involve all things administration, including copying, printing and scanning documents, answering the phone, dealing with client enquiries, and securely filing all logs and client interactions.


Outside of work, I focus on spending time with my family. However, I’m also very fitness-focused, spending time at the gym and my Pilates classes.

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Spending time with my family, enjoying day trips and the odd dinner out


James Taylor: “Your Smiling Face”

Britney Spears

Hermione Granger


Sticky toffee pudding

Kindness, positivity, having something in common

People chewing with their mouths open

My sons!

Speaking to friends, getting fresh air and keeping my gratitude journal

Visiting Australia, sleeping in a treehouse & going to Legoland