We know that retirement is different for everyone. Some people may view retirement as a chance to relax, others see it as an opportunity for a brand-new adventure.

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You’ve worked hard throughout your life for this moment and now it’s here, you may be left asking yourself questions, such as:

  • “Is this really the right time?”
  • “Do I have enough money for the rest of my life?”
  • “What will I do?”
  • “Should I wait for my partner to retire?”

These questions are completely normal before you take retirement and they’re all important to consider. Our team of experts can help you answer these questions, considering all of the elements involved in them and helping you decide what’s best for you.

We’ll use our financial forecasting processes to help reassure you that you have enough for both the lifestyle you want and for the length of time it’s needed. Our advisers work hard on creating a personal relationship with our clients and can help you discover how to spend time in retirement.

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If you have a partner, it’s important to have these discussions with them too. Are they also able to retire? Therefore, allowing you to spend even more time together? Or perhaps your retirement can be an opportunity to take up a new hobby to focus on “you” time.

If you’d like us to help you make the jump into retirement, please get in touch today.