Victoria Ogle

Office Manager

Victoria Ogle

Office Manager


I started my career in financial services back in 2004, working for Halifax and have been at Clarity Wealth since 2017.

My day-to-day duties include overseeing the workflow in our office, as well as setting up new accounts and regular payments for clients. I also follow up on new and existing business opportunities with our providers and make sure to proactively respond to clients and their questions.


When I’m not at work I try to spend as much time as I can outdoors, walking and spending time with my sons.

I adore music, I can play the saxophone and the clarinet and I am also currently studying to play the guitar. In my spare time, I’m also learning to play tennis and focusing on my arts and crafts – I make cards and gifts for family and friends.

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In Wensleydale with my husband and children climbing hills and looking for waterfalls

The Lake District

“Come And Get Your Love” by Redbone

REM “Out Of Time”

Wonder Woman


Anything with custard

Enthusiasm, energy and compassion

My husband leaving the fridge door open

My guitar

Tea, comfortable shoes, hugs from my kids

The Yorkshire Three Peaks, sky diving & successfully grown vegetables