The Benefits of working with Clarity Wealth Limited

For those of you that work with us you will be familiar with most of the benefits, but we thought it was useful to send a reminder to see if you need any other help that we offer and for those of you that think we are able to help a loved one or a friend then please share this with them

“We map out your path to financial freedom, by providing independent, unbiased tax efficient investment advice that is tailored to you and your families. We ensure that these plans are updated in line with your changes in circumstances, tax legislation, economic changes and anything else we deem appropriate”

4 of the main benefits from working with us

  1. A visual lifetime financial plan of your path to financial freedom — taking away uncertainty -enabling you to make life changing decisions regarding lifestyle that include: early retirement, reduced working hours, spending more time with loved ones, taking a sabbatical, buying a Porsche…the list is endless but always life changing
  • Suitable investment strategies – ensuring tax efficiency is central to our advice and this ensures you legitimately retain more of your hard-earned money. It also means when you come to take the money out it is in the most suitable tax wrapper to ensure maximum tax efficiently on entry and exit.
  • Peace of mind — we take the worry away from your investment decisions by conducting whole of market research with criteria to nominate suitable funds based on a broad range of criteria. This ensures you do not need to make investment decisions and that you have a trusted adviser to turn to in periods of uncertainty and volatility this is where we can add most value to ensure you make the correct decisions.
  • Independent advice with you at the front of the line — some firms are restricted. This means that they have a limited range of funds and products that they offer. We invest heavily in technology and use metric-based and tested research analysis and software to filter funds, products and providers to best suit your requirements. This is done on an annual basis to ensure it remains suitable and we adapt to any new changes or innovations in the marketplace.

Further benefits of working with us

·      Regular annual reviews that provide updates, advice on suitability of investment funds, products and your lifetime financial plan

·      Regular monthly newsletter updating you on developments in the business and the financial world

·      Understanding your income and expense needs and what your magic number is to achieve financial freedom

·      Tax efficient investments from your business and advice extracting money from this

·       A trusted confidant when making life changing decisions with the ability to run financial models to show you the impact that these may have on your finances

·      Work with your accountants, solicitors or other relevant professional to ensure joined up thinking

·      Warm Introductions to our ever-growing network of professional connections that include lawyers, mortgage advisers, accountants and more

·      We take the emotion away from investing and ensure that any decisions made are in your best interests

·      We can provide protection plans to ensure you have cover in the event of an illness or death

·      We can liaise with family/relatives and ensure they are looked after and know who to turn to in an emergency

·      Support you through unforeseen events and emergencies

·      Set up trusts and other financial products to help mitigate against inheritance tax where appropriate

·      Time saving- you will save a considerable amount of time in tracking and ensuring your investments are suitable and remain so on an ongoing basis

·      Receiving financial advice from a regulated adviser means you have access to protections via the FSCS and the financial ombudsman

·      We also adhere to

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